Motorola Moto G50


Motorola Moto G50
Motorola Moto G50
Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G 8 x 1.8 - 2 GHz, Cortex-A76 / 55
Qualcomm Adreno 619
4096 MB 
6.50 tum 20:9, 1600 x 720 pixlar 270 PPI, capacitive touchscreen, IPS, glansig: ja, 90 Hz
64 GB UFS 2.1 Flash, 64 GB 
, 52 GB ledigt
1 USB 2.0, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Ljudanslutningar: 3.5mm audio jack, Kortläsare: microSD up to 1 TB, shared, 1 Fingeravtrycksläsare, NFC, Brightness Sensor, Sensorer: acceleration sensor, gyroscope, proximity sensor
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 5.0, 2G, 3G,4G(B1/​B2/​B3/​B4/​B5/​B7/​B8/​B12/​B13/​B17/​B18/​B19/​B20/​B26/​B28/​B32/​B38/​B40/​B41/​B42/​B43/​B66),5G(n1/​n3/​n5/​n7/​n8/​n20/​n28/​n38/​n40/​n41/​n77/​n78), Dual SIM, LTE, 5G, GPS
höjd x bredd x djup (i mm) 9 x 164.9 x 74.9
5000 mAh Litiumpolymer, 15 watt charging
fast charging / Quickcharge
Android 11
Primary Camera: 48 MPix f/​1.7, phase comparison-AF, LED-flash, Videos @1080p/​60fps (Cam1); 5.0MP, f/​2.4, macro lens (Cam2); 2.0MP, f/​2.4, depth of field (Cam3)
Secondary Camera: 13 MPix f/2.2, 1/3.1", 1.12µm, videos @1080p/​60fps
Högtalare: mono speaker, Tangentbord: virtual keyboard, silicone bumper, headset, charger (10 watt), USB cable, SIM tool, 24 Månader Garanti, FM radio, IP52-certified, notification LED; SAR: 0.99 W/kg (head), 1.49 W/kg (body), fanless
192 g
249 Kr



Medelpoäng: 72.87% - medel
Ett genomsnitt på 21 poäng (från 26 recensioner)
pris: 78%, prestanda: 64%, funktioner: 60%, skärm: 69% mobilitet: 88%, design: 74%, ergonomi: 76%, ljudnivå/temp: 94%

Tester av Motorola Moto G50

79.2% Motorola Moto G50 smartphone review: 5G mid-range phone with 90 Hz display | Notebookcheck
The Motorola Moto G50 is a mid-range device that costs around 250 Euros (~$295) and features a 90 Hz display and 5G support. That sounds like a good configuration for the Moto phone, but there are also weaknesses. We'll look at them in more detail in our review.
68% Test: Motorola Moto G50 – Om 5G är det enda som räknas
Motorolas Moto G-serie har länge varit något av ett flaggskepp för mobiler i prisområdet 2000 till 3000 kronor, där de erbjudit förvånansvärt mycket telefon för pengarna. Med tionde generationens Moto G har Motorola i princip definierat hela sin produktfamilj som tillhörande Moto G-serien. Förutom toppmodellen Moto G100 har vi tidigare testat Moto G30 för 2 000 kronor, och här har vi nu Moto G50 för 2 500 kronor, det prisintervall som är Motorolas hemmaplan.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 06/09/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 68%
80% Moto G50: 5g och snabb skärm till vrakpris
Källa: M3 PC för alla
Så länge du inte ställer extra höga krav på bildkvalitet i skärmen och många kamerafunktioner så är det svårt att klaga på Moto G50. Du får en bekväm mobil som är snabb nog till det mesta, och 90 Hz i skärmen höjer upplevelsen. 5g i den här prisklassen är också unikt, om du bor där du kan utnyttja det.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 05/23/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 80%

Utländska tester

80% Nokia G50 review
Källa: Stuff TV Engelska EN→SV
If you spend most of your phone time glued to Netflix or YouTube, the G50's giant screen is certain to please - and seeing how 5G SIM-only plans can be had from as little as a tenner a month, buffer-free viewing should be guaranteed. Nokia's most affordable 5G handset is no speed demon, though, so anyone coming from an older flagship might be frustrated by the at times sluggish performance. Its multiple cameras are never going to blow you away, and for no extra outlay, the identically-named Motorola Moto G50 adds a 90Hz display into the mix. If you're not fussed about 5G, you can find more CPU muscle for your money if you shop around the lesser-known Chinese brands like Poco, Realmi and Redmi. They also have varying degrees of Android customisation, though - and more flexible commitment to software updates. The G50, on the other hand, should still be bang up to date in two years' time. Not too shabby for £200.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 09/27/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 80%
83% Motorola g50 5G – a good value business or consumer phone (review)
Källa: Gadgetguy Engelska EN→SV
The Motorola g50 5G has a budget system-on-a-chip, 720p screen, mono speaker and plastic construction. That, my friends, is how you make a $399 phone. It works well, has Wi-Fi AC, NFC, 5000mAh battery, and the camera is OK. But it does the question – do you need to spend $100 more for the Edge 20 Fusion? If $399 is all you have, then the is no better. Or if it is a stretch then 5G phones start from $349 and frankly there are some excellent devices – Samsung A22 128GB $299, vivo Y52 128GB $379, OPPO A54 64GB $399, realme 7 128GB $439 and OPPO A74 128GB $449. If you see enough difference and value, then go to the $499 Edge 20 Fusion. That is not to belittle the g-50, but there is way over $100 value in moving up.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 09/24/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 83%
Motorola Moto G50 5G Review
Källa: Yugatech Engelska
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 09/04/2021
Motorola Moto G50 5G w/ Dimensity 700 Review
Källa: Yugatech Engelska EN→SV
So, all in all, the Motorola Moto G50 5G isn’t a bad phone. At PHP 10,495, there are a lot of better phones at this price range from its competitors, but if you are looking for a smartphone that can perform well to your basic day-to-day needs, has a 5G connectivity, good battery life, 90Hz screen, and a lean Android build, you’ll be fairly happy with this phone.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 09/02/2021
Motorola Moto G50 5G Unboxing and Hands-on
Källa: Yugatech Engelska
Hands-On, finns online, Längd okänd, Datum: 08/31/2021
Motorola moto G50 5G Review Philippines: Unexciting
Källa: Unbox Engelska EN→SV
Our review of the Motorola moto G50 5G shows that it could have been a top contender for a budget 5G smartphone in the Philippines if it wasn’t for the dim display and the bad selfie lag we experienced during its time with us. There are some bright spots – its Php 10,495 price tag is pretty competitive, and its long battery life is useful especially for people who can’t be arsed to charge their phone daily.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 08/30/2021
64% Moto G50 review
Källa: GSM Arena Engelska EN→SV
In fact, this conclusion applies to pretty much all of the phones in the new crop of "affordable 5G handsets". The addition of 5G to cheap phones brings little value to the end-users. In fact, the manufacturers' push to bring 5G to the lowest price tiers is counter-productive for consumers as it results in having devices with severe drawbacks in other areas. We feel like these cheap 5G phones are merely intended to bolster carrier portfolios around the world and help promote their budding 5G networks rather than meeting any practical consumer needs and we find them hard to recommend over their LTE-only counterparts.
Fristående test, finns online, Mycket lång, Datum: 07/30/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 64%
60% Motorola Moto G50 review: another budget phone with basic specs
Källa: T3 Engelska EN→SV
The Motorola Moto G50 is a cheap 5G smartphone with a big colourful screen and decent battery life. Granted, the camera leaves a lot to be desired, and there’s no specific area it excels in but that’s expected if you’re spending so little on a phone.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 07/28/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 60%
70% Moto G50 review: The odd one out?
Källa: Pocket Lint Engelska EN→SV
All in all the Moto G50 isn't a bad phone. If you bought one you'd probably be content with its capabilities. What it is, however, is a confusing entry to the G-series, skewing the range's numbering convention and delivering a handset that - aside from the 5G addition - is largely worse off than the lower-spec and lower-price G30. And that just compounds the G50's problems: its competition, both from within Motorola and outside, is strong to the point that there's not a huge amount of reason to consider it. Sure, having 5G is nice, but is it the one outstanding feature that'll make you want to buy a phone? No, not really. We'd rather have a wide-angle camera. So save some cash and get the G30, or spend a touch more and look elsewhere instead.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 07/26/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 70%
70% Motorola Moto G50 Review
Källa: Trusted Reviews Engelska EN→SV
Not bothered about that extra layer of tech skimmed off to accomodate 5G? You’ll probably like the Motorola Moto G50 a lot. It performs reasonably well day-to-day and the battery life is excellent. Like the best Moto G phones it nails the basics and comes with no day-ruining problems.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/16/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 70%
70% Moto G50 review
Källa: Techradar Engelska EN→SV
Theoretically the superior version of the Moto G30 if you were to listen to product names, the Moto G50 is another one of Motorola's cheap Android 11 phones for 2021, coming in at £199.99 (around $275 / AU$360). As a 5G phone it's one of the cheapest ways to jump on the 5G bandwagon, but elsewhere its feature set is a little more unassuming. While everything about the Moto G50 is just fine - from its 90Hz screen to its Snapdragon 480 chipset and trio of main cameras - nothing actually stands out as much as we'd like it to. At this price, that's less of an issue than you might think given the Moto G50 is solidly dependable in every way. Just don't expect to be wowed at any point. This is the phone to buy when you're on a budget and you don't mind not having a phone to show off to others.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/03/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 70%
75% Motorola Moto G50 review: 5G for the masses
Källa: Phone Arena Engelska EN→SV
The Motorola family just keeps growing and growing. I’ve completely lost track of all the models that are currently on the market, and the naming scheme doesn’t help either. The Moto G50 is one of the latest additions to the family and it’s a small brother rather than a distant cousin. The big star of the show is the Moto G100, of course, but there are three other models in the latest batch (at least for now) - the Moto G10, Moto G30, and the subject of today’s review - the Moto G50. (A quick search confirmed my suspicions - there is a G20 model too, along with a G40 fusion… Oh, well - case in point.)
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/03/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 75%
100% Motorola Moto G50 review: Pick of the budget Moto Gs
Källa: Expert Reviews Engelska EN→SV
Slight camera disappointments aside, there’s a whole lot to recommend about the Moto G50. It looks great, has a decent screen, includes 5G support, has an incredible battery life and is only a hair behind the Poco X3 NFC in terms of performance for £200. Factor in the nice, clean installation of Android and it’s clear Motorola is on to a winner here. I’d still probably buy the Poco X3 NFC if £200 was my absolute budget thanks to improved performance and a Full HD 120Hz screen, even though it lacks 5G. And if photography is your thing then I’d probably suggest trying to find last year’s Moto G9 Plus instead, which offers better shots and similar performance for the same price.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 05/27/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 100%
Motorola Moto G50 review
Källa: Stuff TV Engelska EN→SV
Close competitors like the Redmi Note 9T cost more and force you to use quirky custom versions of Android. For anyone content with 4G speeds, though, there are plenty of options that outmuscle the Moto for similar cash.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 05/24/2021
71% Motorola Moto G50, análisis y opinión
Källa: Computerhoy Spanska ES→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Mycket lång, Datum: 06/04/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 71% funktioner: 60% skärm: 60% mobilitet: 80% design: 70%
84% REVIEW: moto g50 5G é o smartphone 5G mais acessível do mercado
Källa: Portugisiska PT→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 09/16/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 84% pris: 90% prestanda: 95% skärm: 70% mobilitet: 95% design: 80%
73% Motorola G50 Recensione: 5G E Batteria Da 5000 Mah A Meno Di 300 Euro
Källa: Italienska IT→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Kort, Datum: 06/03/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 73%
75% Recensione Motorola Moto G50 5G
Källa: Andrea Galeazzi Italienska IT→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Kort, Datum: 05/07/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 75% pris: 72% prestanda: 69% mobilitet: 89% design: 72%
73% Recensione Motorola Moto G50: quanto costa spendere poco per il 5G? (foto e video)
Källa: Italienska IT→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 05/07/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 73% pris: 65% funktioner: 75% skärm: 70% mobilitet: 85% design: 75% ergonomi: 75%
68% [Recenzja] Motorola Moto G50 – 5G po taniości
Källa: Turkiska PL→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 05/08/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 68% prestanda: 60% skärm: 60% mobilitet: 90% design: 60%
67% Motorola moto g50 [TEST]: Stærk 5G-mobil til lavpris
Källa: Alt om Data DA→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Mycket kort, Datum: 08/13/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 67% pris: 83% prestanda: 50%
50% Test Motorola Moto G50
Källa: Lyd og Billede DA→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Kort, Datum: 06/04/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 50%
Moto G50 review: telefon ieftin cu 5G
Källa: →SV
Fristående test, finns online, Kort, Datum: 06/22/2021
70% Motorola Moto G50
Källa: Puhelinvertailu →SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 08/21/2021
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 70%


Qualcomm Adreno 619:

Bara vissa äldre spel kan spelas flytande med de här grafikkorten. Kretsar med delat minne har fördelen att de utvecklar mindre värme och ger längre batteritid. De duger gott för kontorsbruk, surfande och enklare bildbehandling, men spel och HD-video är inte i syftet med de här kretsarna.

» Mer information finns i vår jämförelse av mobila grafikkort och motsvarande benchmarklista.

SD 480:

Lägre oktakärna med två stora ARM Cortex-A76-kärnor på upp till 2 GHz och sex små ARM Cortex-A55 SoC-kärnor med en klockfrekvens på upp till 1,8 GHz. Integrerar dessutom och Adreno 619 GPU, en LPDDR4x-2133 minneskontroller samt ett X51 5G-modem.

» Mer information finns i vår jämförelse av mobila processorer

6.50": Bara ett fåtal smartphones har större skärmar än så här.

Större skärmar möjliggör högre upplösning så att detaljer som bokstäver blir större och jämnare. Å andra sidan är strömförbrukningen lägre med mindre skärmar och enheterna är överlag mindre, lättare och billigare. » För att ta reda på mer om skärmupplösning, läs vår DPI-lista.

0.192 kg: Den här vikten är typisk för smartphones.

72.87%: Det här betyget är dåligt. De flesta bärbara datorer får högre betyg i genomsnitt. Ett köp är inte att rekommendera. 

» Mer information finns i vår köpguide för bärbara datorer.


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