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Motorola Edge 50 Fusion


Motorola Edge 50 Fusion
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion (Edge 50 Serie)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 8 x 2 - 2.4 GHz, Cortex-A78 / A55
Qualcomm Adreno 710
8 GB 
6.70 tum 20:9, 2400 x 1080 pixlar 393 PPI, capacitive touchscreen, P-OLED, Gorilla Glass 5, glansig: ja, HDR, 144 Hz
256 GB UFS 2.2 Flash, 256 GB 
, 206 GB ledigt
1 USB 2.0, Ljudanslutningar: audio via USB-C, 1 Fingeravtrycksläsare, NFC, Brightness Sensor, Sensorer: acceleration sensor, gyroscope, proximity sensor, compass
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/), Bluetooth 5.2, 2G (850/​900/​1800/​1900), 3G (B1/​B2/​B5/​B8), 4G (B1/​B2/​B3/​B5/​B7/​B8/​B18/​B19/​B20/​B26/​B28/​B32/​B38/​B40/​B41/​B42/​B71), 5G (n1/​n3/​n5/​n7/​n8/​n20/​n26/​n28/​n38/​n40/​n41/​n77/​n78), Dual SIM, LTE, 5G, GPS
höjd x bredd x djup (i mm) 7.9 x 162 x 73
5000 mAh Litiumjon, 68 Watt charging
fast charging / Quickcharge
Android 14
Primary Camera: 50 MPix f/​1.88, phase comparison AF (All pixel AF), laser AF, OIS, LED flash, videos @2160p/​30fps (camera 1); 13.0MP, f/​2.2, wide angle lens, macro lens (camera 2)
Secondary Camera: 32 MPix f/​2.45, videos @2160p/​30fps
Högtalare: stereo speakers (hybrid) , charger, USB cable, silicone bumper, SIM tool, 24 Månader Garanti, IP68 certified, SAR: 1.41W/​kg head, 1.38W/​kg body, eSIM support, fanless, waterproof
175 g
399 Kr


Price comparison

Medelpoäng: 74.11% - medel
Ett genomsnitt på 13 poäng (från 20 recensioner)
pris: 69%, prestanda: 59%, funktioner: 40%, skärm: 87% mobilitet: 81%, design: 83%, ergonomi: 78%, ljudnivå/temp: 93%

Tester av Motorola Edge 50 Fusion

75.4% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion smartphone recension - Elegant mellanklass med bra batteritid | Notebookcheck
För sitt rekommenderade försäljningspris på 400 euro (~433 dollar) erbjuder Motorola Edge 50 Fusion en högkvalitativ känsla och även något mer kraft än sin föregångare. Men det har också skett vissa nedskärningar, till exempel i WiFi-modulen och lagringen. Är smarttelefonen fortfarande värd att ta en titt på?
Moto Edge 50 Fusion vs Moto Edge 50 Pro: Which one to get?
Källa: GSM Arena Engelska
The new Motorola Edge 50 Fusion and the Motorola Edge 50 Pro may look quite identical at first glance but there are a number of differences between how these devices perform.
Jämförelse, finns online, Mycket lång, Datum: 07/06/2024
77% Moto Edge 50 Fusion review: Elegant, but what else?
Källa: Gadgetbyte Nepal Engelska EN→SV
Ok, so with everything I just talked about, this phone, the Moto Edge 50 Fusion for a starting price of 23,000, is definitely an excellent package with a gorgeous design, superb display, acceptable performance, battery life, and “not-so-optimized cameras” but still good enough for the price! The no. 2 problem with Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is stock availability! The one I have with me is a review unit, and I was able to get it before the launch, but if you want to buy the Edge 50 Fusion right now, after more than 1 month of its launch, the stock is just not there. So, I think these are the things Moto has got to improve because I see real potential here! In fact, Motorola has currently entered the Top 10 Android smartphone brands in India, with over 100% growth in 2023.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 06/25/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 77% pris: 75% prestanda: 75% skärm: 85% mobilitet: 80% design: 90%
50% I thought Motorola’s new $550 Android phone would be great. I was wrong
Källa: Digital Trends Engelska EN→SV
If there was one smartphone lineup that really surprised me last year, it was the Motorola Edge. Last year’s Motorola Edge and Edge Plus handsets both stood out as very solid options, with the former being a good higher-end midrange phone, while the latter was an excellent full-fledged flagship. Naturally, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Motorola will do with the Edge series in 2024. The Motorola Edge (2024) is the first Edge phone to launch in the U.S. this year.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/24/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 50%
90% Honor 200 Pro Review: Stunning Portrait Photography In A Fine Phone
Källa: Slashgear Engelska EN→SV
The Honor 200 Pro isn't quite a one-trick pony — it has a lot going for it. But the one area that really stands out has to be photography, and specifically portrait photography. That's not for everyone, that's for sure, but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best portrait photography phones I have ever used. What's funny about that is, I'm not so sure it's for the reason that Honor thinks it is. Honor wants to tell you it's really good for one reason, and even hosted myself and other media in Paris to show me that reason. In the meantime, my testing has shown that it's for a similar yet distinctly different reason, and we will get to all of that. I have been using an Honor 200 Pro review sample provided by Honor for one week, and this is my full review.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/21/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 90%
60% Motorola Edge (2024) Review
Källa: PC Mag Engelska EN→SV
The 2024 Motorola Edge has an appealing design and excellent battery life, but it's otherwise an unexciting retread. The display remains unchanged, performance is no faster, and the upgraded camera doesn't result in better photos. The Google Pixel 8a is the better buy for most people—it's more powerful, has sharper cameras, and promises more software updates over time. When you consider the fact that it also costs less, it's no surprise that it's our Editors' Choice.
Fristående test, finns online, Mycket lång, Datum: 06/20/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 60%
57% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Review: This might be one of the best-value phones for 2024
Källa: Phone Arena Engelska EN→SV
There aren't a lot of bad things we would say about the Edge 50 Fusion from Motorola. It will leave most users happy with its impressive camera system, flagship-level display and powerful chipset. It even comes with outstanding water and dust resistance. Even some of its strongest competition, like the Galaxy A35 5G, cannot hold a candle to it, with only one year more of software support and a glass back panel as the two main benefits. Well, there's also the somewhat better battery life. But even if we have to address the worst part about the Edge 50 Fusion, which is its disappointing battery life, the fact that it comes with 68W of fast charging elevates that issue for the most part.
Fristående test, finns online, Mycket lång, Datum: 06/18/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 57% prestanda: 24% skärm: 80% mobilitet: 48%
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion review
Källa: Tech Spurt Engelska
The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is undoubtedly a gorgeous-looking smartphone that won't break the bank. It's a mid-ranger with a premium design, a solid chipset and a great 144Hz OLED display. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/11/2024
85% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Review: A Success Story Or Not?
Källa: The Mobile Indian Engelska EN→SV
We can confidently recommend the Motorola Edge 50 Fusion to those seeking a value-for-money handset. While it struggles with demanding games and its software requires some optimization, the Edge 50 Fusion excels in build quality, cameras, display, battery backup, and overall performance.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/10/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 85% prestanda: 70% skärm: 90% mobilitet: 95% design: 85%
90% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Review
Källa: Trusted Reviews Engelska EN→SV
Forget the annoying name change – the Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is a direct follow-up to the Motorola Edge 40 Neo, and a very strong one at that. It arguably doesn’t take quite enough of a step forward for the extra £50 Motorola is asking, with similar performance, a slightly larger body and dropped HDR10 support. However, it benefits from a sleek design and a nice 144Hz pOLED display. The camera is capable of taking speedy and vibrant shots, battery life is excellent, and it’s generally a thoroughly pleasant phone to live with day to day.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/10/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 90%
80% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion review
Källa: GSM Arena Engelska EN→SV
The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is undoubtedly a gorgeous device through and through. It is exquisitely made, and even though the bill of materials is not what would conventionally be considered particularly "premium," everything looks and feels very nice and falls into place. The IP68 ingress protection is also a great bonus to have. The display on the Edge 50 Fusion is also very solid through and through, perhaps with the exception of the lack of HDR support. We have nothing but praise for the hybrid stereo setup. The camera performance is pretty solid all around, too. We have to say that the biggest weak point on the Edge 50 Fusion specs sheet is probably the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chipset. It doesn't offer ample performance in the CPU or GPU departments.
Fristående test, finns online, Mycket lång, Datum: 06/09/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 80%
64% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Review: The style champion under ₹25,000
Källa: Think Digit Engelska EN→SV
Thanks to its fruitful partnership with Pantone, Motorola has become a master of design over the past few years in the smartphone industry. The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is a standout device under ₹25,000, offering a luxurious design, decent performance, and impressive camera capabilities. However, its 144 Hz display, while bright and fluid, lacks HDR support, which might disappoint content enthusiasts. The Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor handles daily tasks well but falls short in gaming compared to competitors like the OnePlus Nord CE4 and Nothing Phone (2a). The camera setup is a highlight, particularly the 50 MP primary and 32 MP selfie cameras, which deliver vibrant and sharp images. Battery life is serviceable with a 5,000 mAh cell and 68 W fast charging, though power users may need to recharge by evening.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 06/07/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 64% pris: 63% prestanda: 51% design: 79%
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Smartphone Review
Källa: OI Spice Tech News Engelska EN→SV
The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is designed to be a cheaper alternative to the more premium [[Motorola Edge 50 Ultra]] and Motorola managed to achieve that more or less. The display of the smartphone has extremely less bezels with uniform bezels on the top and chin. The display is also equally premium and is also protected by Gorilla Glass. The camera and battery performance are also quite impressive. On top of all these, the smartphone is protected from dust and water. All these things make it an excellent phone for the price it asks for. However, there’s a con as well and it has to do with the chipset. The performance of the chipset is decent but could have been better, especially in gaming performance. Don’t get us wrong. The gaming performance is good, but other smartphones in the same price range offer a better chipset, which provides better performance.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 06/07/2024
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion review: Midrange smartphone with premium experience
Källa: Business Standard Engelska EN→SV
Priced at Rs 22,999 onwards, the Motorola Edge 50 Fusion makes a compelling case for itself as the value-for-money smartphone. It offers premium aesthetics, which translate into a clean yet feature-rich user interface. Additionally, the smartphone is a well-rounded device, boasting a good camera system and decent performance for extensive tasks. The Edge 50 Fusion has something in store for everyone. However, if you are looking for a more performance-oriented smartphone, there are other options available in the market.
Fristående test, finns online, Kort, Datum: 06/03/2024
75% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion review: a stylish and competent all-rounder
Källa: 91mobiles Engelska EN→SV
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is a handset that you should consider if you’re looking for a phone with a stylish and lightweight design, captivating display, decent performance, and capable primary camera setup. The phone ticks a lot of right boxes but it is hard to place it in any category as there are some better performers in each of the categories that it is good at within this price segment – OnePlus Nord CE4, Nothing Phone (2a), and Infinix GT 20 Pro. If you’re looking for a phone with better battery backup, you can go for Nord CE4, and if you’re more inclined towards gaming, GT 20 Pro should be a good choice. Having said that, as an overall package, the Motorola phone might be a good choice for those who want a clean UI, a slim and lightweight design, and a smooth, 144Hz display.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 05/24/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 75% prestanda: 75% skärm: 80% mobilitet: 70% design: 85%
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion hands-on review: colour me interested
Källa: Stuff TV Engelska EN→SV
As this year’s entry point to the Edge range, the Fusion appears to get plenty right on first inspection. It looks and feels like a pricier phone, the display is especially easy on the eyes, and there’s a sizeable battery underneath that should translate to plenty of time away from the mains. Performance is a bit of an unknown right now, although the same chipset has proved perfectly capable in rival phones on sale for a similar price. I’ll want to take a closer look at image quality to see how it stacks up against the €349 competition, as processing has been a Motorola weak spot in the past. As affordable all-rounders go, though? The Edge 50 Fusion is shaping up to be quite the contender.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 04/16/2024
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Flaggschiff-Feeling für 400 Euro
Källa: Inside Handy Tyska DE→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 04/17/2024
Motorola Edge 50 Fusion | 5 motivos para comprar
Källa: Target HD Portugisiska PT→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 05/24/2024
80% Motorola Edge 50 Fusion
Källa: Les Numeriques Franska FR→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 06/18/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 80% prestanda: 80% skärm: 100% mobilitet: 100% design: 80% ergonomi: 80%
80% Test complet du Motorola Edge 50 Fusion : Une solide alternative sur le marché
Källa: Nerd-mobile Franska FR→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 05/22/2024
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 80%
Recenzja Motorola Edge 50 Fusion. Solidna propozycja dla każdego?
Källa: Co Nowego Turkiska PL→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 06/07/2024


Qualcomm Adreno 710:

En del nyare spel kan spelas med de här grafikkorten, men bara om de är mindre krävande. De har ändå tillräcklig kapacitet för kontorsbruk och film (möjligen högupplöst). Är grafikkretsen dessutom integrerad kan batteritiden vara utmärkt.

» Mer information finns i vår jämförelse av mobila grafikkort och motsvarande benchmarklista.

SD 7s Gen 2: Mellanklass-SoC med 8 Kryo-kärnor (4x ARM Cortex-A78 2,4 GHz performance cluster, 4x ARM Cortex A55 1,95 GHz efficiency cluster) och ett 5G-modem (upp till 2900 Mbps nedladdning). Chipet tillverkas med hjälp av den moderna 4nm-processen.» Mer information finns i vår jämförelse av mobila processorer

6.70": Bara ett fåtal smartphones har större skärmar än så här.

Större skärmar möjliggör högre upplösning så att detaljer som bokstäver blir större och jämnare. Å andra sidan är strömförbrukningen lägre med mindre skärmar och enheterna är överlag mindre, lättare och billigare. » För att ta reda på mer om skärmupplösning, läs vår DPI-lista.

74.11%: Det här betyget är dåligt. De flesta bärbara datorer får högre betyg i genomsnitt. Ett köp är inte att rekommendera. 

» Mer information finns i vår köpguide för bärbara datorer.


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