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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3


Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3
Intel Core i5-1235U 10 x 0.9 - 4.4 GHz, Alder Lake-U
16 GB 
, LPDDR5x-5200, onboard, Dual-Channel
12.40 tum 3:2, 1536 x 1024 pixlar 149 PPI, capacitive, LP125WX172403, IPS, glansig: ja, 60 Hz
Intel Alder Lake-P PCH
Kioxia BG5 KBG50ZNS256G, 512 GB 
, 173 GB ledigt
Intel Alder Lake-P PCH - cAVS (Audio, Voice, Speech)
1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 3.1 Gen2, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 1 DisplayPort, Ljudanslutningar: 3.5 mm Stereo, 1 Fingeravtrycksläsare, Brightness Sensor
Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (a/b/g/h/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/), Bluetooth 5.1
höjd x bredd x djup (i mm) 15.7 x 278 x 206
41 Wh Litiumpolymer
Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Webbkamera: 720p
Primary Camera: 0.9 MPix
Högtalare: Stereo, Tangentbordsbelysning: nej, 39W PSU, 12 Månader Garanti
1.112 kg, Strömförsörjning: 213 g
1149 Kr



Medelpoäng: 66.21% - medel
Ett genomsnitt på 11 poäng (från 14 recensioner)
pris: - %, prestanda: 71%, funktioner: 50%, skärm: 87% mobilitet: 76%, design: 78%, ergonomi: 83%, ljudnivå/temp: 88%

Tester av Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3

83.3% Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 i test - överprissatt subnotebook utan tangentbordsbelysning | Notebookcheck
Microsoft uppdaterar den kompakta Surface Laptop Go och utrustar den tredje generationen med en Alder Lake Core i5-processor. Dessutom finns nu 16 GB RAM som tillval, men den viktiga bakgrundsbelysningen för tangentbordet saknas fortfarande. Samtidigt har priset ökat ytterligare.
60% Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 review: Too much for too little
Källa: PC World Engelska EN→SV
We don’t test an enormous variety of budget laptops, but it’s pretty clear that the Surface Laptop Go 3 is too overpriced for what it offers. Consider the Asus ZenBook 14X OLED: the screen is enormously better at 2880×1800 (with an OLED to boot), and that laptop clearly outperforms the Surface Laptop Go 3 in every facet, even accounting for the more memory of the Surface Laptop Go 3. The Aspire Vero is closest, price-wise, and it does too. By itself, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 isn’t that bad. But, comparatively, there are far better options. Microsoft may have to reconsider its strategy here; either compete on price or upgrade the Surface Laptop Go’s components to offer some sort of advantage over the competition. For now, there’s little reason to buy it.
Fristående test, finns online, Mycket lång, Datum: 10/23/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 60%
65% Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 Review: New Processor, Same Old Drawbacks
Källa: Make Use Of Engelska EN→SV
Microsoft has released the Surface Laptop Go 3, an updated version of its compact 12.4-inch laptop aimed at students. While it maintains the sleek design and portability, it now features a faster updated processor paired with LDDR5 RAM. However, it incurs a price increase over the Laptop Go 2 and now competes with other Windows laptops in the sub-$1,000 category, making it a hard sell for many, especially when compared to the base Surface Laptop 5.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 10/17/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 65%
40% Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 review: why does this exist?
Källa: The Verge Engelska EN→SV
If you want a lightweight laptop with a premium build and a touchscreen that costs around $1,000, and you don’t mind 12th-Gen chips, I have faith that you can find great options in just a few minutes of Googling. You will find brighter and higher-resolution screens. You will find backlit keyboards. You will find storage galore. Look, here’s one I just pulled up for you: the Dell XPS 13 is available for literally $949 with a stunning FHD touchscreen and a more powerful processor and a 512GB SSD. (And if you think Microsoft knows how to build a beautiful device, wait until you see the XPS line.) I truly do like the Laptop Go 3 as a concept. But this particular unit doesn’t just ask for some compromises; it is one big compromise all the way down. Either wait until it’s on sale for like $500 or just go get an XPS.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 10/12/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 40%
I wanted to like the Surface Laptop Go 3, but Microsoft didn't make it easy
Källa: Engelska EN→SV
Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go 3 is a bit of an odd duck. It has a lot of things going for it, but certain design choices make this computer frustrating to use. The Surface Laptop Go 3, if you're not familiar with it, is a lightweight notebook aimed at college students and professionals who want a machine that can handle basic, essential workloads. It weighs a paltry 2.5 pounds (I've had actual paper notebooks from college weigh more than this), which makes it a great device for users who are constantly on the go. But don't worry about fragility with the Surface Laptop Go 3 because it's made entirely out of specially-made aluminum. The lid has "anodized aluminum" for exceptional toughness.
Fristående test, finns online, Kort, Datum: 10/05/2023
80% Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 review: The keyboard makes me want to cry
Källa: Mashable Engelska EN→SV
This laptop is tiny. If Jason Momoa carried this laptop in his hands, I’m pretty sure it’d look like the Surface Duo (a foldable phone Microsoft released in 2020). To put things into perspective, the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro has more screen real estate than the display on this 12.4-inch machine – and it’s a tablet. However, for those who prefer compact, portable laptops that can easily slip into their backpacks and travel bags, the Surface Laptop Go 3 should be on your shortlist. I can see this being the daily driver of young students or Gen Z users seeking a laptop that can handle casual usage with style and sophistication. And most importantly, if you’re seeking a sub-$800 laptop with arguably the best keyboard on the market (in this price range), this Surface Laptop Go 3 is the one for you.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 10/03/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 80% prestanda: 70%
84% Surface Laptop Go 3 review: Microsoft’s basic PC grows up
Källa: Engadget Engelska EN→SV
Given that there aren't many 12-inch Windows PCs around, the Surface Laptop Go 3 certainly stands out. And now, thanks to a faster processor and the option of 16GB of RAM, it's more than just a basic notebook. Almost by accident, Microsoft has crafted one of the most compelling and compact mid-range laptops around. Anyone looking for a new ultraportable won't be disappointed — just don't squint too hard at that screen.
Fristående test, finns online, Kort, Datum: 10/03/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 84%
40% Outclassed and overpriced, the Surface Laptop Go 3 can’t play with the big boys
Källa: Digital Trends Engelska EN→SV
The Surface Laptop Go 3 suffers greatly from its price increase. As I’ve stressed throughout this review, you can get other laptops for the same price (or less) that offer a significantly better overall value. Microsoft’s offering is just too slow, with a middling build quality and low-resolution display, and is also behind the curve on too many components. That leaves the Surface Laptop Go 3 in a difficult position. At its base price of $800, you can buy the Asus Zenbook 14 OLED and Dell XPS 13 9315, both much better laptops. At the upgraded price of $1,000, you can buy the Apple MacBook Air M1, which is also superior. At $550, the Surface Laptop Go 3 would be compelling. But at its new price, it’s impossible to recommend, even for staunch Surface fans.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 10/03/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 40%
60% Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 Review
Källa: PC Mag Engelska EN→SV
Generally speaking, when a PC maker increases the asking price of a product beyond that of the previous generation, you expect the boost in bucks to deliver something worthwhile in components or feature set. With the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 (starts at $799.99; $999.99 as tested), we can dispel those expectations right now. Yes, the new flavor of Go comes in with a newer processor and longer tested battery life, and the base capacities for memory and storage have been boosted from the paltry 4GB and 128GB of the last generation. But the Laptop Go 3 does little else to justify its new cost, and the new pricing catapults it out of the budget-laptop range and into competition with a whole different class of laptops. As a result, this 12.4-inch model with a relatively low-resolution panel compares poorly with laptops in its new price neighborhood, making it much more difficult to recommend than the Laptop Go 2, which hit a sweeter spot.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 10/03/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 60%
60% Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 review
Källa: Tom's Guide Engelska EN→SV
The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 is sleek and portable, but it's no powerhouse. While Microsoft has positioned it to take on the MacBook Air, a dated 12th Gen Intel CPU holds the Surface Laptop Go 3 back. Upgraded RAM, storage space and the fact that a fingerprint reader is now standard help soften the blow though.
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 10/03/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 60%
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 hands-on: A better cheap PC
Källa: Engadget Engelska
The Surface Laptop Go has always been an interesting experiment for Microsoft: What if you took the basic design of the Surface Laptop, but diminished its specs to make it far more affordable? We've always found them intriguing, but with the Surface Laptop Go 3, Microsoft has finally transformed its cheap PC into a potentially great computer. Mostly, that's due to the new Intel 12th-gen CPU, which makes the entire computing experience feels far zippier than before. It feels so good, you might not even notice that the Laptop Go 3's screen doesn't quite hit 1080p (it's still 1,536 by 1,024, like before).
Hands-On, finns online, Kort, Datum: 09/22/2023
Hands on: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 – an incremental upgrade that'll cost you
Källa: Techradar Engelska EN→SV
Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go 3 is just as light and attractive as the last model but with a much-needed infusion of processor power, RAM, and storage. It even has a fingerprint reader. For now, though, it's hard to understand why these incremental upgrades and effectively no other changes required a nearly $200 price hike. We'll reserve final judgment though for our full review.
Hands-On, finns online, Lång, Datum: 09/22/2023
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 hands-on review: Lighter than Air
Källa: Tom's Guide Engelska EN→SV
The Surface Laptop Go 3 seems like a decent notebook for those who want a light device that won't break the bank. Even the higher-end $999 model isn't exactly expensive. Of course, you might not get the most stellar performance at that price. We'll have a full review of the Surface Laptop Go 3 soon so be sure to visit us again to hear our final verdict.
Fristående test, finns online, Medellängd, Datum: 09/21/2023
70% Hochwertig gefertigter Arbeits-Laptop
Källa: PC Welt Tyska DE→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 10/20/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 70%
86% Surface Laptop Go 3 im Test: Teurer, aber nicht besser!
Källa: Computerbild Tyska DE→SV
Fristående test, finns online, Lång, Datum: 10/06/2023
Betyg: Totalpoäng: 86%


Intel Iris Xe G7 80EUs:

Integrerat grafikkort i Intel Tiger Lake G7 SoCs som bygger på den nya Gen. 12-arkitekturen med 80 EUs (Execution Units / Shader Cluster). Klockfrekvensen beror på processormodellen. Tiger Lake-kretsarna tillverkas i den moderna 10nm+-processen hos Intel.

Det här är mindre avancerade grafikkort för användare som ändå vill kunna spela spel. Nya spel bör vara spelbara, men ofta bara med låga detaljinställningar och låg upplösning. Eftersom moderna grafikkort i den här klassen har låg strömförbrukning kan även batteritiden vara bra.

» Mer information finns i vår jämförelse av mobila grafikkort och motsvarande benchmarklista.


En Alder-Lake-baserad mobilprocessor med 2 prestandakärnor och 8 effektiva kärnor. Prestandakärnorna har hyperthreading, vilket gör att 12 trådar kan bearbetas. Processorn körs vid frekvenser som sträcker sig från 0,9 till 4,4 GHz. TDP är specificerad till 15 watt.

» Mer information finns i vår jämförelse av mobila processorer

12.40": Den här skärmstorleken är stor för surfplattor, men liten för bärbara datorer. Vissa kombinationsprodukter använder storleken. 

Större skärmar möjliggör högre upplösning så att detaljer som bokstäver blir större och jämnare. Å andra sidan är strömförbrukningen lägre med mindre skärmar och enheterna är överlag mindre, lättare och billigare. » För att ta reda på mer om skärmupplösning, läs vår DPI-lista.

1.112 kg: Vikten är typisk för stora surfplattor, samt mindre bärbara datorer och hybrider i storleksordningen 10-11 tum. 

66.21%: Det här betyget är dåligt. De flesta bärbara datorer får högre betyg i genomsnitt. Ett köp är inte att rekommendera. 

» Mer information finns i vår köpguide för bärbara datorer.


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